8 things you should never do on Chinese New Year

Published on Metro.co.uk on 28th January 2017:

Chinese New Year is filled with traditions and people all over the world have their own way of celebrating this day.

This year, the celebrations fall on January 28 (January 1 on the Chinese lunar calendar).

Those celebrating the festivities will be wearing red and sending out greetings to bring and share good luck.

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Chinese New Year 2017: 9 dishes to complete your banquet

Published on Metro.co.uk on 27th January 2017:

Chinese New Year falls on January 28 this year and for many it will be a celebration of feast and family.

But if you’ve never hosted your own celebration, where do you start?

It’s always good to get a few people around the table as it gives you an opportunity to try a variety of different dishes.

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Chinese New Year 2017: 5 craft ideas you can try at home

Published on Metro.co.uk on 25th January 2017:

Want to get into the Chinese New Year spirit? Try these craft ideas.

Chinese New Year is an important time of celebration for people of Chinese descent around the world.

While most of the celebrations revolve around food and family, many also like to decorate their homes to get into the festive spirit.

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