KISS AND MAKEUP Best lipsticks for day or night including vegan and cruelty free options

Published on The Sun digital on 23rd December 2021

A SLICK of red lipstick is sometimes all you need to look all made up.

From budget lip plumpers to premium balms, we’ve rounded up the best lipsticks to help you do just that.

One of the most important considerations when choosing a lipstick is the colour – and the easiest way to start is by looking at the undertones of your skin.

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What happens if I test positive for Covid while on holiday?

Published on The Times digital on 21st December 2021

Travelling during the pandemic is full of uncertainties. Even if you’ve booked your trip at the last minute, your travel plans could still be disrupted by a pre-travel Covid test that comes back positive unexpectedly. And with the Omicron variant on the rise and testing before entering the UK now compulsory, the chances of disruption are higher than ever. With that in mind, here’s what to do if you catch Covid before you travel or while on holiday.

Many destinations still require a negative Covid test before you travel, even if you are fully vaccinated. If you test positive just before you set off, you will have to self-isolate immediately even if you’re not showing any symptoms. You may not have to cancel your trip though — depending on who you booked your holiday with, you may be able to rebook the trip for another date or ask for a refund. It’s best to check the terms and conditions on your booking and speak to your travel provider first.

Be aware that changing your travel plans at the very last minute may mean additional costs, even if you are able to move the booking to another date. It may be possible to recover some of these costs through your travel insurance — double check the terms of your policy to see if it’s included.

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Which holiday companies offer flexible booking policies?

Published on The Times digital on 13th December 2021

The constantly changing travel restrictions mean that booking a holiday these days is fraught with uncertainty. Choosing a package holiday, paying with a credit card and having the right travel insurance can all reduce the chances of you being left out of pocket by last-minute changes. But now, more and more holiday companies are introducing flexible booking as standard, which can go a long way towards relieving the stress of travelling during a pandemic.

With a flexible booking you can change or cancel your holiday free of charge relatively close to your travel date. This means that if travel restrictions change and you no longer want to travel, you can move the trip to another date without worrying about losing your deposit or being charged a hefty penalty. Any change or cancellation must be made within a certain time frame before travel and if prices are higher on your new travel dates you usually have to pay the difference.

Before the pandemic, some holiday firms offered flexible booking as a premium option for which you had to pay extra; now many companies are offering it as part of the default terms and conditions. It makes a welcome change, as instead of waiting for the travel firm to cancel before you get a refund, flexible booking policies mean you can move the travel dates or cancel the trip according to your needs. Always check the small print when you book though, as every holiday company has different rules and some travel firms will only offer flexible booking on selected trips.

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FINEST BLEND The best blenders for whipping up a delicious milkshake or nutritious smoothie

Published on The Sun digital on 10th December 2021

WHETHER you’re making an indulgent milkshake or a nutritious smoothie, the best blenders should be able to prepare your drink in no time.

We explain what to look for and reveal some of the most popular options around.

A typical blender is made up of a few parts.

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IN A FLASK 6 best food flasks for hot meals at work or camping trips

Published on The Sun digital on 9th December 2021

INSULATED food flasks are perfect for hiking trips where you don’t have anywhere to heat up your meals but they can also be great for the office or school.

We’ve tested the best food flasks that will keep your food warm – or cold – for hours, without you having to worry about spillages.

One of the first things to consider when choosing the best food flask for you is the size.

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