Why you need to jet off to Corfu if you want to relax and recharge

Published on Metro.co.uk on 12th May 2019

There’s nothing quite so lovely as an aquamarine stretch of coastline – so still that hardly a wave breaks, and so quiet that you feel like you have the entire world to yourself.

I imagine that’s probably what Jackie O enjoyed when she holidayed at the Onassis family’s hotel in Corfu.

That same hotel, after a few upgrades and changes of ownership, is now the luxurious Domes Miramare where I’ve checked in for a couple of days of rest and respite.

Published on Metro.co.uk on 12th May 2019

Head to Tainan and Alishan if you want to see more of Taiwanese culture

Published on Metro.co.uk on 12th May 2019

Taipei is always the first port of call for first-time visitors to Taiwan – and rightly so, given that it’s the capital.

But if you really want to delve into Taiwanese culture, heritage and explore the lesser known parts of the island, you need to head south.

I decided on Tainan, the former capital, as my first port of call.

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The essential food experiences to have in Belize

Published on Metro.co.uk on 16th February 2019

Imagine a place that’s so immersed in nature that, as you fly into its international airport, all you can see are lush green forests.

Imagine while hopping between one city to another on a commuter plane, the sea below you is so clear that you can actually spot a sting ray from the air.

That was my experience of Belize, a central American country that considers itself part of the Caribbean.

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How to plan the ultimate foodie tour of Taiwan

Published on Metro.co.uk on 5th February 2019

There are destinations around the world that every food lover should visit and Taiwan is one of them.

Situated off the south east coast of China, the island has a long, rich history of food that’s stitched into its culinary heritage.

While many of the settlers can trace their ancestors to Fujian province in China, Taiwan’s food offering is also strongly influenced by its period of Japanese occupation.

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Here’s how to plan the most indulgent gourmet weekend you can have in Provence

Published on Metro.co.uk on 25th November 2018

When I think of Provence, I always think of perfumes.

Those endless fields of lavender and historic perfumeries in Grasse certainly do a lot to fortify that image.

But after a weekend break to this beautiful part of southern France, I think that vision has been firmly replaced with good food.

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