Gourmet Valencia, where to stop for a bite

Published on Yahoo Lifestyle UK & Ireland on 22nd July 2014:

La Pepica, Valencia

The national dish of Spain is often considered to be the paella, but did you know it comes from Valencia?

Or more precisely, the area around the Albufera Natural Park to the south of the city, where rice is grown using water from the lake.

Traditionally, the paella would be made in a flat pan with rice, spices and any other ingredients local to the region; this could include chicken, rabbit, fish and even rats! Thankfully, rats have long since disappeared from this popular dish.

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Five things to do in Stuttgart

Published on Yahoo Lifestyle UK & Ireland on 21st July 2014:

cars in Mercedes Benz Museum, Stuttgart

Stuttgart, a south German city that’s the capital of the Baden-Württemberg state, is not the most obvious place to go for a short break.

Well known for its industry, the city plays host to some well known engineering giants such as Daimler, Porsche and Bosch. Plenty of people go there for work but the city actually has a surprising amount to offer for leisure.

Here are a few things you could be doing:

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A beginner’s guide to Cognac

Published on Yahoo Lifestyle UK & Ireland on 17th July 2014:

Hennessy cognac chai

The first thing you need to know about Cognac is that it’s a grape brandy made in the Charentes region of France, centre around the town of Cognac.

Brandy itself came from the Dutch name “brandewijn”, or burnt wine as in the distillation process that the wine goes through; the wine itself is not actually burnt of course.

Today, Cognac is produced using grapes from a number of different sub-regions in the Charentes including Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne, Fins Bois, Bons Bois and Borderies. Of these, Grande Champagne is often considered the best region and many houses will choose to declare this on the bottle.

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Dreamliner, what’s the big deal?

Published on Yahoo Lifestyle UK & Ireland on 16th July 2014:

In the world of travel, new aeroplane technology is as geeky as it comes.

For something so big and so integral to much of our travel these days, it’s a topic that seems so distant and irrelevant to the things we associate with going away. But there is one aviation innovation which has been hitting the headlines for the last few years and that’s the Dreamliner.

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner has been in the making for quite some time and it’s certainly got its benefits.

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Chenin Blanc, the Loire Valley’s most versatile grape

Published on Yahoo Lifestyle UK & Ireland on 14th July 2014:

vineyards by the Loire

Do you know about Chenin Blanc?

If not, then you should.

It’s a grape variety that’s planted in many wine regions around the world, such as South Africa, Australia and the USA. It’s revered for its great affinity for acidity, even in bulk wine production, and for the longevity of its fine wines.

In the Loire Valley, where Chenin Blanc originated, the grape really comes into its own.

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