SAY CHEESE Head down to Cyprus for great beaches and all the halloumi you could ever want

Published in The Sun on 10th November 2019

Also published on The Sun digital

FOOD is a big deal in Cyprus, with the island’s famous squeaky cheese taking pride of place.

Halloumi is so important in its home country that many locals are named after the salty stuff, from Mr Hallumas to entire families of Hallumakis.

So first stop on my culinary island adventure had to be the tiny village of Letymbou, in rolling hills seven miles north from Paphos, to see how the locals make the fabulously fry-able sandwich filling.

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SINGAPORE FLING Cocktails aren’t the only attraction that makes Singapore a little gem

Published in The Sun on 11th August 2019

Also published on The Sun digital

SINGAPORE has always been a handy stopover and its incredible Changi airport is a great place to spend a few hours before heading on to Australia or New Zealand.

But this tiny country — half the size of Greater London — promises much more for those who spend a night or two exploring.

I took up a challenge to squeeze in as much as possible in 72 hours, starting with a Singapore Sling at Raffles Hotel’s famous Long Bar.

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MARSEILLE IT AGAIN Enjoy the cosmopolitan metropolis of Marseille with its bustling centre and secluded coastline

Published in The Sun on 16th June 2019

Also published on The Sun digital

IT HAS never been easier to explore the charms of the French city of Marseille.

It is rough and ready – a working port and buzzing metropolis with all the charms of the Med.

With the direct Eurostar from London St Pancras whizzing you there in just six hours, it is the perfect place for a city break.

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It’s perfect for lunch, dinner – and a Tea Party! How to spend 48 hours in Boston

Published in The Mail on Sunday on 6th January 2019

Also published on MailOnline

New York may be the obvious destination for a US city break, but if you’re after somewhere a little different, but still offering bags of history and plenty of culture (and sport), check out Boston.

The Massachusetts capital is home to some of the oldest institutions in the US and, thanks to its reputation as America’s walking city, most historical sites are easy to see on foot. Spring and autumn are good times to visit, as summer gets busy. 

Boston winters are hard, but if you like a snowy Christmas, the city is perfect.

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The city break… Quebec: From vibrant history to a breathtaking waterfall, see it all in 48 hours

Published in The Mail on Sunday on 16th September 2018

Also published on MailOnline

Quebec City has a unique place in Canadian history, having been the capital under both French and British rule. 

You may be surprised by how distinctively French the architecture and the food remains today, but language won’t be a barrier as most people speak excellent English. 

If you want to enjoy a slice of its culture, start your journey here…

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