Swedish meatballs: a classic recipe and five places to eat it in Stockholm

Published on Yahoo Lifestyle UK & Ireland on 5th July 2014:

Meatballs from Meatballs for the People, Stockholm, Sweden

What’s the food you most associate with Sweden ?

Admit it, it was meatballs wasn’t it.

In Sweden, meatballs can be made of any kind of meat – from pork and beef to moose and reindeer – but it’s almost always served with a side of lingonberry, potatoes, pickles and gravy. And while there are plenty of other traditional Swedish dishes, for the Swedes, meatballs really is a dish that comes out at almost every major celebration. Perhaps that’s why in the Swedish capital of Stockholm, you can even find restaurants that sell only meatballs.

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Swedish food? It’s about to get exciting

Published on Yahoo Lifestyle UK & Ireland on 16th May 2014:

Meatballs from Meatballs for the People, Stockholm, Sweden

Thought Swedish food was all lingonberries, potatoes and meatballs?

Well, you’re sort of right.

According to a recent survey by Food & Friends, the most popular dish for Swedes is actually spaghetti Bolognese; meatballs don’t make an appearance until the 10th place. The rest of the top 10 dishes for Swedes is made up of some sort of protein, like meat or fish, with a rice, potato or pasta as a side.

You might think that the average Swedish home cooking is humble and rustic but you should know that Sweden is positioning itself to be a new gastronomic destination.

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Does your mother know … about the new ABBA museum in Stockholm?

Published on CNN on 26th April 2013:

Did you grow up singing “Waterloo”? Saw “Mamma Mia!” and fell in love? Or just always wondered why everyone makes such a big deal about the Eurovision Song Contest?

Then congratulations — you’ve been alive for at least 30 years.

Now there’s an ABBA museum that chronicles the most important band of your lifetime — or at least the 1970s. (Sorry, but someone had to break the bad news to all those Zeppelin, Clash and Foghat fans.)

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