Copenhagen’s Noma: 10 ways Rene Redzepi changed the world of food

Published on CNN on 13th March 2017:

When Noma sent out its last plates of white chocolate-covered moss at the end of February, it was the end of an era.

For many, it was one of the most influential restaurants of the last decade, changing the face of gastronomy around the world and especially in the Nordic region.

Now, after almost 14 years in its water-facing warehouse, this iconic restaurant has closed its doors for the very last time. At least, in its current interpretation and location.

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Dark star: The sleepy Chinese town brought alive by its murky past

Published on CNN on 16th November 2014:

An Ren, China's Museum Town by Qin Xie

At first glance, the sleepy Chinese town of Anren, isn’t much to look at unless you’re a fan of the giant Buddha heads and vintage water tanks being hawked outside its vintage buildings.

And then, around a corner, everything changes.

At the far end of a long driveway lies a colossal complex and one single word that has come to define Anren: museums.

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36 world-changing travel moments

Published on CNN on 7th March 2014:

Also published on CNN Espanol on 9th March 2014

Just more than a hundred and ten years ago, Orville Wright became the first human to achieve powered flight.

On a calm, December 1903 day, helped by his brother Wilbur, Orville successfully launched their flying machine, maneuvered it through the air for 120 feet, and landed it safely.

Later that same day they achieved another flight of 852 feet in 59 seconds, to start the modern air travel era.

Since then numerous inventions, discoveries and milestones have been made.

Here are a few of our favorites.

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