Margaret Thatcher museum: Good way to spend $23 million?

Published on CNN on 16th April 2013:

Love or hate her, Margaret Thatcher, who recently passed away at the age of 87, certainly draws a crowd.

One of her legacies, a pressure group she set up in 1991, hopes she’ll continue to do so well after her death.

Conservative Way Forward has unveiled plans for a Margaret Thatcher library and museum that will feature her signature blue Aquascutum suits and handbags, as well as a number of donated and loaned items.

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London’s dash to ‘toilet restaurants’

Published on CNN on 15th April 2013:

Also published on CNN Espanol on 24th April 2013

When the first toilet-themed restaurant, Modern Toilet, opened in Taipei in 2004, public reaction was mixed.

Was it weird, funny or just plain unsavory?

Whatever the answer, the concept’s popularity quickly became obvious — the chain now has successful franchises across Asia.

London, however, has put a new spin on the business.

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Olympic love continues with new London exhibit

Published on CNN on 9th April 2013:

Which event from the London Summer Olympic Games resonates most powerfully in your memory:

The Queen’s appearance in the Danny Boyle-produced opening extravaganza?

Usain Bolt’s record dash in the Olympic 100 meters?

Brunei, Qatar and Saudi Arabia including female athletes on their teams for the first time?

The baffling, cycloptic visages of Olympic and Paralympic mascots Wenlock and Mandeville?

Whatever your memories of last summer’s Games, you may find them in the Museum of London’s new exhibition, “Opening the Olympics.”

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A trio of London’s summer supper clubs

Published on Yahoo Sport UK & Ireland on 28th July 2012:

The vibrant London food scene has seen a movement from fine dining establishments to underground dining movements over the last few years. Spearheading that, arguably, has been the supper clubs.

Kerstin Rodgers, aka Ms Marmite Lover, started the first supper clubs in London; aptly named The Underground Restaurant.

The idea was simply that the dining out experience took place at the home of a stranger rather than a restaurant. Since then supper clubs have spread like wild fire.

These days, supper clubs no longer have to take place in the home of the host and increasingly, niche cuisines are covered by talented amateur cooks.

To celebrate the Olympics, a few food scene regulars, including Kerstin Rodgers, have set up their own supper clubs for the games.

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