Dyson pure cool me review: A pricey but perfect fan for small spaces and allergies

Published on The Independent on 6th July 2021

When Dyson launched its first bladeless fan a little over a decade ago, it was something of a revelation. For the first time, you didn’t need to worry about your kids accidentally sticking their hands into the blades, or even your hair or clothes getting caught in the revolving parts if you happen to stand too close or in just the wrong spot.

Since then, the brand has come out with newer and smaller models, and each more capable – and more expensive – than the last. The Dyson pure cool me (£299.99, Dyson.co.uk) made its debut in 2019, a decade after that first bladeless fan, and it turned out to be quite divisive. While it’s much smaller and cheaper – one of the most affordable Dyson fans actually – the fact that it’s only designed to cool the person sitting in front of it rather than the whole room has sparked some ire.

But its size and price certainly aren’t the only attractive features. It comes equipped with a high-efficiency particulate absorbing (Hepa) filter, meaning all manner of pesky pollen and bad bacteria are taken out of the circulation while a second activated charcoal filter removes odours like cooking smells and smoke. We’ve put this high end gadget to the test to see whether you can justify the still hefty price tag or whether you should leave it on the shelf.

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7 best scalp massagers that promote hair growth

Published on The Independent on 17th June 2021

If you’re after a low-cost self-care product that can be used every day, the answer may well be a scalp massager that’s designed to mimic human fingers.

Typically, they are round brushes with silicone bristles that you can use in the shower with your shampoo or conditioner. The idea is that you move these massagers in a gentle forward and backward motion all over your head to distribute the product – they can do it more quickly and evenly than fingers, and there’s no danger of scratching yourself with your nails.

You can also get designs that will work on dry hair, like the antenna-style massagers that gently run down your scalp to trigger a tingly sensation that many people find relaxing. But scalp massagers are more than just practical tools – some believe they’re the answer to a great head of hair.

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8 best pillow protectors to keep your bedding fresh and clean

Published on The Independent on 13th June 2021

A great pillow can do wonders for your sleep quality but they can also be costly to buy and replace. So, to prolong its life, consider getting a pair of pillow protectors.

These nifty items are basically covers that go over your pillow but under your pillowcase to improve the hygiene of your bed. Their main benefit is that they offer an additional layer of protection against wear and tear as they can be removed and put into the washing machine alongside the rest of your bedding each week. But, depending on the fabric you choose and the treatment it’s gone through, they can also protect your pillow from sweat and drool, grease from your face and hair and even bed bugs and dust mites.

There are two main styles of pillow protector. One is a single layer of fabric, just like a second pillowcase but without any decorative features, and these are suitable for most pillows. But, if you’re looking for a bit more padding, or have feather or down pillows, quilted pillow protectors will offer better comfort.

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8 best travel books that explore more than just a destination

Published on The Independent on 3rd June 2021

With the world at a virtual standstill, many of us have turned to armchair exploration to temporarily satiate that hunger for travel and to see the world.

Like all those documentaries of far-flung places and virtual tours of destinations we can’t yet visit, travel books – and especially travelogues – have that transportative power. Even more so, because its slower pace forces us to be more reflective. And in turn, they stimulate our senses and reinvigorate our passion and curiosity.

There’s plenty of choice too, not just in the number of different destinations covered but also in the approaches to storytelling. Some reflect on a monumental event or achievement, others take on the task of self-inspection, a personal journey if you will, and then there are the ones that simply take us on a light-hearted spin.

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Eight stylish UK aparthotels to book for your next staycation

Published on The Independent on 1st June 2021

With the government’s travel “green list” still looking pretty slim, self-catering properties across the country are booking up fast, with prices surging as a result.

For those who don’t want to check into a hotel, there is a budget-friendly alternative – the aparthotel.

Long seen as the boring but functional alternative to traditional hotels for business travellers, stylish versions more akin to boutique boltholes have been popping up all over the country in recent years.

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