8 best pillow protectors to keep your bedding fresh and clean

Published on The Independent on 13th June 2021

A great pillow can do wonders for your sleep quality but they can also be costly to buy and replace. So, to prolong its life, consider getting a pair of pillow protectors.

These nifty items are basically covers that go over your pillow but under your pillowcase to improve the hygiene of your bed. Their main benefit is that they offer an additional layer of protection against wear and tear as they can be removed and put into the washing machine alongside the rest of your bedding each week. But, depending on the fabric you choose and the treatment it’s gone through, they can also protect your pillow from sweat and drool, grease from your face and hair and even bed bugs and dust mites.

There are two main styles of pillow protector. One is a single layer of fabric, just like a second pillowcase but without any decorative features, and these are suitable for most pillows. But, if you’re looking for a bit more padding, or have feather or down pillows, quilted pillow protectors will offer better comfort.

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