Dyson pure cool me review: A pricey but perfect fan for small spaces and allergies

Published on The Independent on 6th July 2021

When Dyson launched its first bladeless fan a little over a decade ago, it was something of a revelation. For the first time, you didn’t need to worry about your kids accidentally sticking their hands into the blades, or even your hair or clothes getting caught in the revolving parts if you happen to stand too close or in just the wrong spot.

Since then, the brand has come out with newer and smaller models, and each more capable – and more expensive – than the last. The Dyson pure cool me (£299.99, Dyson.co.uk) made its debut in 2019, a decade after that first bladeless fan, and it turned out to be quite divisive. While it’s much smaller and cheaper – one of the most affordable Dyson fans actually – the fact that it’s only designed to cool the person sitting in front of it rather than the whole room has sparked some ire.

But its size and price certainly aren’t the only attractive features. It comes equipped with a high-efficiency particulate absorbing (Hepa) filter, meaning all manner of pesky pollen and bad bacteria are taken out of the circulation while a second activated charcoal filter removes odours like cooking smells and smoke. We’ve put this high end gadget to the test to see whether you can justify the still hefty price tag or whether you should leave it on the shelf.

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