7 best scalp massagers that promote hair growth

Published on The Independent on 17th June 2021

If you’re after a low-cost self-care product that can be used every day, the answer may well be a scalp massager that’s designed to mimic human fingers.

Typically, they are round brushes with silicone bristles that you can use in the shower with your shampoo or conditioner. The idea is that you move these massagers in a gentle forward and backward motion all over your head to distribute the product – they can do it more quickly and evenly than fingers, and there’s no danger of scratching yourself with your nails.

You can also get designs that will work on dry hair, like the antenna-style massagers that gently run down your scalp to trigger a tingly sensation that many people find relaxing. But scalp massagers are more than just practical tools – some believe they’re the answer to a great head of hair.

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