Winter Warmer Recipe: Finnish salmon and potato soup

Published on Yahoo Lifestyle UK & Ireland on 17th January 2014:

Finnish salmon potato soup

When I was in Helsinki last year, I found it hard to describe Finnish cuisine beyond calling it “Nordic”. The reason, I discovered, was that Finnish cuisine takes influence from its neighbours in Scandinavia, Russia and the Baltic states.

To help me define what is Finnish, I asked a few of the foodies I met along the way to list what they thought were typical Finnish ingredients. The results were surprisingly similar.

Potatoes, berries, fish and mushrooms consistently came up top. Beyond that, there was also reindeer and liquorice.

Thinking back over some of the meals I had in Helsinki, these ingredients seem obvious now.

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Why Helsinki’s restaurant scene is at its hottest right now

Published on Yahoo Lifestyle UK & Ireland on 12th November 2013:

At the beginning of October this year, Helsinki’s Chez Dominique closed indefinitely. For Helsinki, and Finland, it was a big shake up.

The two Michelin-starred Chez Dominique was Finland’s highest awarded restaurant, having been featured on the World’s 50 Best restaurant list alongside numerous other accolades.

But after 15 years at the helm of what’s arguably Finland’s best restaurant, chef/patron Hans Välimäki has decided he would take a hiatus to concentrate on his other restaurants.

So it was lights out for Chez Dominique; Finland’s culinary scene seemingly dimmed a little too.

Thankfully, the curtains weren’t drawn for long.

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