Five Chinese cookery books you should invest in

Published on Yahoo Lifestyle UK & Ireland on 7th February 2013:

Chinese cookery books

I often wonder if my room, with its heavily laden shelves of cookery books, is just another word for the library. My collection mostly involve chefs, restaurants or French cuisine; a sure sign of the food I like to cook, or at least look at.

When it comes to Chinese cookery books, things get a little more complicated.

Sure, there are a number of Chinese-themed books on the market with TV or celebrity tie ins but a quick browse through a few of my local bookshops revealed a very narrow selection with serious recipes.

With that in mind, I’ve chosen a few Chinese cookery books currently on sale online or in bookshops that will stand the test of time and offer ideas for years to come.

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World cuisine in books

Published on BespokeRSVP on 16th July 2012:

As London braces itself for the incoming Olympic crowd, the rest of the world waits in anticipation to see who will win the most medals and in what sport. Our writer, Sarah Kemp, has curated some great recipes and tales about food from around the world on her website “Eat the Olympics”. But if you prefer something more tangible, here are three great cookbooks for global eats.

Dock Kitchen Cookbook by Stevie Parle

You have probably seen Stevie Parle’s words in print in his Telegraph food column but he is also the head chef at Dock Kitchen. The Notting Hill restaurant is a pop-up idea turned permanent site, hosting global cuisine in a home cooked style. Trained at Petersham Nurseries, Moro and The River Café, Parle has also travelled extensively looking for new flavours and recipes. The Dock Kitchen Cookbook is a collection of easy and accessible recipes from the restaurant and from his travels, capturing a taste of the world.

Bought, Borrowed & Stolen by Allegra McEvedy

Allegra McEvedy really needs no introduction in the culinary world having cooked professionally for over 20 years and written prolifically about food for much of that. Bought, Borrowed & Stolen is a collection of recipes, photographs and words based on her travels around the world and the knives which she’s collected along the way. Uniquely in here, you will learn about a country’s cuisine according to the knife that’s indigenous to the region. What better way to approach food than through a chef’s most important tool?

Coco: 10 World-leading Masters Choose 100 Contemporary Chefs

Coco is definitely a modern classic. Published back in 2010, it promised to reveal 100 up-and-coming chefs from around the world according to 10 “world-leading masters”. And indeed since it’s been published, many of the chefs featured in the book have achieved high accolades and some have made it into the World’s 50 Best list. The book is a beautiful collection of recipes from the restaurants of the contemporary chefs as well as the chef masters themselves. Expect nothing less than Michelin dining if you recreate its content at home.