We tried Waterpik’s ultra plus WP-150 water flosser – here’s what happened

Published on The Independent on 19th May 2021

The notion that Britons have bad teeth may be a myth but the reality is that there is plenty of room for improvement.

The results of the last Adult Dental Health Survey revealed that just 69 per cent of adults brushed their teeth twice a day, for example. Even then, the high level of plaque seen in this group suggests that brushing alone is not good enough. To address this perennial problem, dentists recommend also using products such as dental floss to clean between the teeth.

But flossing comes with its own flaws. Getting into those gaps at the back of the mouth can be especially tricky for those who face mobility challenges for example, while cleaning between dental work for those with braces or fixed retainers can prove impossible. And then of course there’s the waste that comes with using a new piece of flossing string or pick every day.

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8 best rolling pins perfect for bread, pastry and icing

Published on The Independent on 5th May 2021

A decent rolling pin is an essential investment for any budding chef or baker, helping you to produce wrinkle-free sheets of pastry with little or no effort.

Most standard rolling pins are cylindrical, which is great if you’re rolling out dough that you’re going to use a pastry cutter on. Some also come with handles – these reduce the surface area of the roller but make it easier to use.

But if you need a bit more manoeuvrability, when you’re rolling out dimsum wrappers for example, a tapered rolling pin is a much better choice.

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8 best steak knives for the perfect slice every time

Published on The Independent on 22th April 2021

What’s worse than a piece of overcooked steak? A knife that’s so blunt, you’re having to fight it for every shredded bite.

When you’ve struggled with a steak knife – and many of us have – you know the value that a razor-sharp blade can bring to the table.

While most steak knives have serrated blades, we actually found during our testing that blades with a smooth edge worked best. These sliced through the meat to produce fine, even cuts, rather than tearing through it and ripping it apart.

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6 best water flossers for deeper cleaning and healthy gums

Published on The Independent on 19th April 2021

Flossing should be an essential part of our dental routine to help keep our teeth clean, our mouths fresh and our gums healthy.

“The majority of tooth decay starts in the gaps between the teeth,” according to Professor Quintus van Tonder, a leading dentist at Church Street Dental Practice, “which is why interdental cleaning is so important.”

Indeed, as well as helping to stop plaque build up, flossing can also help dislodge trapped food that might be difficult to remove through brushing alone.

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10 best snack boxes to bring variety to your tastebuds

Published on The Independent on 17th April 2021

We are a nation of snackers.

Whether it’s crisps and nuts, or snack bars and cakes, we love them all – and in the last year, the boredom of lockdown has only driven the snack market to new heights.

In fact, Mintel estimates that the UK savoury snack market alone soared by £173 million in 2020 compared with the previous year, and is now worth around £4.47 billion.

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