We tried Waterpik’s ultra plus WP-150 water flosser – here’s what happened

Published on The Independent on 19th May 2021

The notion that Britons have bad teeth may be a myth but the reality is that there is plenty of room for improvement.

The results of the last Adult Dental Health Survey revealed that just 69 per cent of adults brushed their teeth twice a day, for example. Even then, the high level of plaque seen in this group suggests that brushing alone is not good enough. To address this perennial problem, dentists recommend also using products such as dental floss to clean between the teeth.

But flossing comes with its own flaws. Getting into those gaps at the back of the mouth can be especially tricky for those who face mobility challenges for example, while cleaning between dental work for those with braces or fixed retainers can prove impossible. And then of course there’s the waste that comes with using a new piece of flossing string or pick every day.

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