Vivienne Westwood to design new Virgin Atlantic uniforms

Published on CNN on 6th May 2013:

Virgin Atlantic is trying to go punk.

The airline has announced that the latest designer to be turning her hand to their uniforms is Dame Vivienne Westwood.

The fiery British designer will be bringing her punk rock aesthetic to the signature Virgin two-piece, in a collaboration that will span the next 10 years.

The official announcement said that designer would be going for “a futuristic look, which references her enduring interest in 1940s French couture cutting techniques as well as the Savile Row tailoring heritage.”

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Airline defends bright lipstick ban

Published on CNN on 3rd May 2013:

Turkish Airlines has defended its recent move to ban flight attendants from wearing brightly colored lipstick and nail polish, such as pink or red.

A statement from the airline to CNN Travel said colors such as red and dark pink are unsuitable as they “impaired the visual integrity” of the Turkish Airlines uniforms.

“According to the generally accepted practices, personnel who work in the services sector are preferred to be artless and well groomed with a make-up in pastel tones,” the statement said.

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