Savvy entrepreneur, 24, claims she makes £10,000 a MONTH working 30 hours a week from home as a virtual assistant – and reveals how YOU can do it too

Published on MailOnline on 11th May 2020:

More than half of UK adults are now being paid from the government coffers with thousands of businesses buckling under the pressure of the coronavirus pandemic.

But for one savvy 24-year-old, business is booming – and she’s set to make six figures this year.

Jemma Broadstock, from Derbyshire, works as a virtual assistant (VA) helping charities and small business owners such as therapists, business coaches, bloggers, distribution companies and beauty salon owners with tasks that they just don’t have time to do.

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It’s perfect for lunch, dinner – and a Tea Party! How to spend 48 hours in Boston

Published in The Mail on Sunday on 6th January 2019

Also published on MailOnline

New York may be the obvious destination for a US city break, but if you’re after somewhere a little different, but still offering bags of history and plenty of culture (and sport), check out Boston.

The Massachusetts capital is home to some of the oldest institutions in the US and, thanks to its reputation as America’s walking city, most historical sites are easy to see on foot. Spring and autumn are good times to visit, as summer gets busy. 

Boston winters are hard, but if you like a snowy Christmas, the city is perfect.

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The city break… Quebec: From vibrant history to a breathtaking waterfall, see it all in 48 hours

Published in The Mail on Sunday on 16th September 2018

Also published on MailOnline

Quebec City has a unique place in Canadian history, having been the capital under both French and British rule. 

You may be surprised by how distinctively French the architecture and the food remains today, but language won’t be a barrier as most people speak excellent English. 

If you want to enjoy a slice of its culture, start your journey here…

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The new hotel in Miami’s financial district that’s perfect for work – but even better for play (thanks to a 20,000-sq-ft pool area and the hippest roof-top bar in town)

Published on MailOnline on 16th May 2017:

My last visit to Miami was 11 years ago.

I stayed in a completely forgettable but budget-friendly hotel, which was just about affordable enough for a student, in the beautifully tacky South Beach. It was a fun trip – but that had more to do with the vibe of the city than the comfort of my room.

Fast forward a decade or so and I’m back in the city with a few more pounds (in more ways than one) to check into the stunning East Miami, the hip new hotel that’s anchoring Swire Group’s $1billion development in Downtown Miami.

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Oz, the slow way

Published in The Mail on Sunday on 26th February 2017

Also published on MailOnline

There is something irresistibly romantic about a rail holiday. It’s not just the nostalgic glamour long associated with these slow journeys – it’s the sense of adventure that comes with disembarking and exploring at each stop.

And, as I discover while travelling through the Outback on The Ghan, it’s not just an experience reserved for the Old World.

The locomotive, named after the Afghan cameleers who used to cross this remote region of Australia, is one of the most popular ways to travel between the Northern Territory and Adelaide.

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