Follow in the footsteps of Crocodile Dundee: Why Australia’s Northern Territory should be on EVERY wildlife lover’s bucket list

Published on MailOnline on 8th February 2017:

Orange and peach clouds streak across the sky as the sun creeps towards the horizon. A few birds cut across the seemingly endless sunset and its reflection in the sea below. Excuse me while I extol the romanticism but it really is that blissful.

‘There’s one,’ our guide breaks the silence, ‘At one o’clock.’

I look to my right and there it is – an enormous flat-back turtle coming up to nest.

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Why Brits don’t need to go abroad for fine-dining holidays: Chef-owned B&Bs in Cornwall make it the perfect escape for foodies

Published on MailOnline on 6th January 2017:

Where do Brits who like good food go on holiday?

Perhaps San Sebastian for its extraordinary gourmet restaurants and pintxo bars; or maybe Singapore, where two hawker stalls were recently awarded the prestigious Michelin star; or even Japan’s culinary heart and capital, Tokyo, where a single tuna once sold for more than £1million at auction.

But while some obsessives think nothing of travelling to the other side of the world to feed their palates, there’s an unsung hero closer to home – Cornwall.

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