Everything I Learned From Launching A Side Hustle During Furlough

Published on AllBright on 8th December 2021

Freshly brewed coffee in hand, I slouch into the sofa facing the window, taking a moment to let the steam jostle awake my senses. Outside, wisps of clouds drift across cornflower blue skies – a rare sight for a winter’s day, and on a weekend no less.

Fistfuls of these dreamy Saturday mornings have come and gone in recent months while I’ve been cooped up inside, missed not because of Covid restrictions but rather, because of my side hustle: a reader-funded newsletter.

Money Talk is a smart personal finance newsletter that’s designed to help the reader save money and grow wealth. It’s a project I started eight months ago while in the uniquely vulnerable position of being a newly-appointed travel editor covering a maternity leave who’s just been asked to go on furlough because, well, no one can go on holiday when borders are closed everywhere.

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How to promote a paywalled newsletter for free

Published on Medium/Better Marketing on 24th June 2020:

At the end of May, I launched a reader-funded newsletter on personal finance called Money Talk.

This is the first time I’ve written about personal finance in over a decade as a journalist and the first time I’ve been involved in an editorial newsletter, that is, a newsletter that’s designed to be the product rather than to promote one.

Since then, I’ve been busy “marketing” my new product. Mainly to the internet, but also to people I know who might find it useful. It’s a steep learning curve because I didn’t have any existing and relevant networks I could reach out to.

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