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Published on Yahoo Lifestyle UK & Ireland on 28th January 2013:

Also published on Yahoo! US News on 28th January 2013:

Finding a good food blog is tough business. They say that the majority of blogs fail within the first three months but even long running ones are often abandoned. It’s not hard to see why.

You need a good idea which, with regular and careful tending, will hopefully blossom into something worth reading that keeps people coming back. It can be a very time consuming project that’s not always rewarding. As the keeper of two blogs, In Pursuit of Food and Culture Explorer, I can certainly attest to that.

A good food blog though, can afford much pleasure to the reader. The openness of food means that there are blogs out there covering everything from restaurants and recipes to special diets and gourmet destinations.

As a blog-surfer, I like the excitement of finding something new every time I go back to my favourite blogs. Blogs morph from one subject to another according to the changing interests of their owners so I also like the comfort in knowing that, in some respects, I will always find the same thing.

So after much whittling down, here are seven food blogs that have inspired me over the past year, and I hope will continue to do so:

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