Cask finished whiskies that you must try

Published on Yahoo Lifestyle UK & Ireland on 10th May 2013:

A recent trip to the Isle of Skye revealed a whole new side of whiskies for me – the cask finished whiskies.

By law, all whiskies are aged in oak barrels for a minimum of three years. A select few also go on to be “finished” in special casks, which would impart additional flavours to the whisky. Majority of the casks were from sweet or fortified wines, giving the finished whisky a sweeter and fruitier note. Some, like Auchentoshan Three Wood, are even aged in three different types of casks.

I was in Skye for the unveiling of the Talisker Port Ruighe – the latest and permanent addition to the Talisker portfolio. Port Ruighe is the classic Talisker 10 finished in a port cask, a process which gave it a caramel hue, softened smoke and fruitier notes. Some might say, Talisker for the ladies.

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