Are these the world’s scariest landing strips? The airport approaches so terrifying even pilots will think twice

Published on MailOnline on 10th December 2015:

Heading to a remote paradise seems like a dream holiday but you might change your mind after seeing the airports at some of the world’s most idyllic locations.

On small islands and coastal areas, the runway can feel like it’s flowing straight into the sea – especially when there just isn’t enough land to build a long runway. But even inland, the landing strip can prove to be hazardous if the approach is built precariously close to populated areas, mountain sides and even cliff faces.

Geology aside, some airports are built precariously close to populated areas while others have runways that are cut off by obstacles such as train lines. A few airports have notoriously difficult approached but when the pilots start complaining about these landing strips, you know you should really be worried.

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