From cruising along Route 66 to pootling through New England, the ten best U.S. road trips revealed

Published in The Mail on Sunday on 18th March 2018

Also published on MailOnline

Qin Xie Mail on Sunday Road Trips

For millions it is the ultimate bucket-list trip – who doesn’t dream of getting behind the wheel of a Mustang to explore the wide-open roads of the United States?

So whether you want to get your kicks on Route 66 or visit the quaint coastal towns of New England, buckle up and enjoy the ride…

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The city break… Shanghai: From modern high rises to European-style buildings, see it all in 48 hours

Published in The Mail on Sunday on 11th February 2018

Also published on MailOnline

Shanghai is best explored through its architecture, from the modern high-rises that epitomise its economic boom, to the European-style buildings that serve as reminders of foreign occupation in its recent history…

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A modern twist on ancient China

Published in The Mail on Sunday on 8th October 2017

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Qin Xie Chengdu Mail on Sunday

Shuffling with the crowds along Kuan Zhai Alley, a network of lanes dating from the Qing dynasty, I breathe in deep.

A familiar blend of smoky chilli, toasted Sichuan peppercorns and crushed garlic invades my nostrils; it instantly feels like home.

This is my first visit to Chengdu in three years, and, like each of my previous visits, the city has taken on a new visage. But in a place like this, it doesn’t take long to get reacquainted.

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