China with a Portuguese flair: Why it’s time you visited Macao

Published on on 17th April 2018

Known as the Vegas of the East, Macao has held the title of the biggest gaming destination of the world for over a decade.

And yet, this tiny special administrative region (SAR) of China, consisting of a peninsula and two islands, has so much more to offer.

For one thing, having been a Portuguese colony for more than four hundred years, its architecture and its food has taken on a distinctively Portuguese flair.



Skiing for beginners: How a long weekend in Andermatt made me fall in love with skiing

Published on on 20th March 2018

Before the beginning of this year, I had never skied.

Even going to a snow-covered destination seemed like such a drag given how little sun we get in the UK. And I am forever praying at the sun altar.

Plus, a conversation with a skier and snowboarder – where the experience was described as going ‘shoob, shoob, shoob down the mountain’ – left me thinking skiing sounded really boring and was probably not worth the money.



From cruising along Route 66 to pootling through New England, the ten best U.S. road trips revealed

Published in The Mail on Sunday on 18th March 2018

Also published on MailOnline

Qin Xie Mail on Sunday Road Trips

For millions it is the ultimate bucket-list trip – who doesn’t dream of getting behind the wheel of a Mustang to explore the wide-open roads of the United States?

So whether you want to get your kicks on Route 66 or visit the quaint coastal towns of New England, buckle up and enjoy the ride…

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