Here’s what I discovered when I signed up to Mindful Chef to help make my diet healthier

Published on on 13th January 2018

January; it’s everyone’s favourite time of the year for repenting for the sins and excesses of the Christmas period.

Nevermind the fact that Dry January could actually be bad for you, going cold turkey during a particularly chilly time of the year just doesn’t seem like much fun.

I’ve never been one for dieting – in that I’ve never been on a diet – and I don’t believe in cutting out food groups unless there’s a very real health reason, say an allergy.


Should restaurants be responsible for how much we drink?

Published on on 12th January 2018

About two drinks into a meal that’s looking more boozy than your average dinner, my friend turned to me and asked whether restaurants sometimes served too much alcohol.

It was a couple of months ago and the meal we were sitting down to involved several courses with alcoholic interludes.

This wasn’t all that unusual in the restaurant world.