How to have the Lake District all to yourself

Published on The Independent on 30th October 2020

“Can you watch your side for me?” I shout over to my mother as my grip tightens on the steering wheel. I can barely see the road ahead so, even though the lane is marked 60mph, I’m holding up traffic with a slow crawl peaking at 30mph.

I’m not heading into a storm though, but rather trying to navigate the gloriously sunny Lake District. Too glorious as it happens – the waning sun is angled just so, drenching the verdant landscape in a dazzling, golden hue, and leaving me squinting at the impossible bends in the road.

Added to the stress is the fact that I’m driving a brand new Range Rover from The Out, a newish car rental service that delivers vehicles straight to your front door. It’s excellent for social distancing, but the excess on the insurance is £3,000 – enough to make even the most confident of drivers break into a cold sweat.

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