End of the summer holidays spells dire straits for the travel industry

Published on The Independent on 29th August 2020:

The August bank holiday usually signals the end of the summer. Not officially, for that comes in September at the autumn equinox. But certainly in practice, as many will normally be enjoying their last getaway before the weather cools and the kids return to school.

As I write, the pitter patter of rain outside, coupled with a cool breeze that can only pick up at this time of the year, is telling me this chaotic summer is almost done. It will come as a welcome relief for some – the heat had been too searing at one point, political and social tensions running too high, and the start and stop of international travel too abrupt. We haven’t made it to the other side of this awful pandemic yet, but I know all of us are more than ready to leave it all behind.

But for the travel industry, the end of the summer season is a terrifying prospect.

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