Blueair healthprotect 7470i: The specialist air purifier that’s small but mighty

Published on The Independent on 6th September 2021

Unless you’re researching air purifiers, you’ve probably never heard of Blueair before. That’s because, unlike other household name brands, this Swedish firm only makes air purifiers and filters – and it’s exceedingly good at it.

Its product range includes small, bedroom-friendly devices that start from just under £160 to powerful top-of-the-range machines that are designed for offices. And every device it makes uses its trademarked HEPASilent technology, its own version of the high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter.

Similar to the HEPA filters used in hospital operating theatres, this low-energy filter can remove everything from bacteria and viruses to pollen and bad odours – and it can do it so quietly, you can sleep right through it.

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