2020 was not the year we wanted but it made us appreciate what we have

Published on The Independent on 1st January 2021

Typically, 2 January is a busy date in the travel calendar. It’s when the lucky few who managed to get away for an exotic New Year’s Eve celebration start on their journey home, and when those of us who stayed put for the long winter start looking for somewhere warmer and sunnier to stave off the cold.

This year, so far at least, has been comparatively quiet and, like much of the preceding 10 months, dogged by uncertainty.

Before the new variant of coronavirus was discovered, I was quite upbeat about the travel industry’s prospects. After all, with vaccines on the way, and borders reopening, things were looking the best they’ve been for months. I even managed to escape to the comforting warmth of Dubai – further than I thought I’d travel for a year – for a few days of sun.

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