8 best kitchen knife sets for every budget and cooking ability, from students to professionals

Published on The Independent on 30th November 2021

A kitchen knife set is a great low-hassle way to kit out your kitchen quickly. Not only do all of your knives match, it’s also often more affordable than buying each one individually. But price shouldn’t be the only thing to consider – style, range of knives and sizes all matter.

For every set, you’ll need to start with a decent chef’s knife. Bigger versions are generally more versatile, especially if you’re cooking for a family, but smaller ones might be easier to store and more comfortable to use for those who aren’t as confident in the kitchen.

You’ll also need a smaller utility knife, or paring knife, which can be used for smaller or more delicate cutting tasks, such as slicing up garlic. After that, it becomes a matter of preference.

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Will I need a booster jab to travel abroad?

Published on The Times digital on 30th November 2021

A growing number of countries are now requiring visitors to show proof of a Covid booster jab as part of their entry requirements. Without one, you may have to pay for additional Covid tests, quarantine or even be barred from entry. Here’s what you need to know.

Whether or not you need a booster jab to travel depends on the destination.

Some countries have already introduced an expiry date on vaccine validity, which can be extended by getting an additional dose of an accepted vaccine. In France, from December 15, over 65s will need to show they’ve had a booster jab to extend their vaccine validity and access the country’s “pass sanitaire”.

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A very merry Mickey

Published in Travel Weekly on 25th November 2021

Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas!” Santa’s familiar greeting booms out from nowhere,
taking me by surprise. I had just arrived on Main Street, USA, the first destination as you enter Disneyland Paris. And even though Christmas trees and decorations are everywhere, the fact that it’s daytime in mid-November, with fairly mild weather, means the experience is a little more confusing than anything else.

But it doesn’t take long to get into the Christmas spirit – this is the holiday season at Disneyland Paris, after all. Indeed, a light flutter of ‘snow’ appears as if on cue – as it does at least 12 times a day here – and the already excitable children around me start jumping up and down with their hands in the air.

Overhead, fairy lights are twinkling against the shiny baubles on Mickey-shaped garlands all the way from City Hall, where a 24-metre-tall Christmas fir takes pride of place, to Sleeping Beauty’s castle.

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