Hen dos: 8 afternoon teas in London that are perfect for every kind of bride-to-be

Published on Metro.co.uk on 3rd February 2017:

Afternoon teas are the perfect excuse to get together with some girlfriends (or male ones) and gossip.

And if you want an elegant gathering instead of a drunken affair, it’s also a fabulous thing to do for a bachelorette party.

Think time and space to talk, share ideas and plan – and you can dress up, or down, without worrying about the carnage that might ensue.

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8 things you should never do on Chinese New Year

Published on Metro.co.uk on 28th January 2017:

Chinese New Year is filled with traditions and people all over the world have their own way of celebrating this day.

This year, the celebrations fall on January 28 (January 1 on the Chinese lunar calendar).

Those celebrating the festivities will be wearing red and sending out greetings to bring and share good luck.

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Chinese New Year 2017: 9 dishes to complete your banquet

Published on Metro.co.uk on 27th January 2017:

Chinese New Year falls on January 28 this year and for many it will be a celebration of feast and family.

But if you’ve never hosted your own celebration, where do you start?

It’s always good to get a few people around the table as it gives you an opportunity to try a variety of different dishes.

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